Food Art From Food Waste: the ‘One Third’ Project

Food Art From Food Waste: the 'One Third' ProjectPhoto Klaus Pichler

According to the United Nations, one third of the world’s food supply goes to the wasted: this is the main idea that inspired Austrian artist Klaus Pichler while developing ‘One Third, a photographic commentary of the connection between the individual wastage of food and globalized food production.

A vast selection of foods are set in bouquet-like and arranged into elaborate still life, and then photographed as they begin to naturally disintegrate. The project goes past the sell by date in order to document the full dimensions of the global food waste.

In Europe, where 50% of all edible food is wasted, the theme turned into a political debate: in the UK a Member of Parliament has recently proposed a Food Waste Bill, that received cross party support and a second hearing at Parliament.



'Cham Cham' (Indian Sweets)

'Ice Cream'



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